Tiptree Tuli

Tiptree Tuli Stud was established in 2011. We acquired female progeny from some of the top studs in the country – Namely: Great Karoo; Burowill; Nonnie; Avondale; Eira and Bloemvlei. Our stud sires were purchased from Great Karoo and Alpha Omega.

At the dispersal sale of Great Karoo Tulis, we made an effort to purchase females out of the most fertile cows’ families, as we believe this is the cornerstone of any livestock enterprise. We have been using AI a month before breeding season starts and so far this has been a success, as well as enabling us to create a larger gene pool within our herd.
Our herd is run on virulent heartwater, redwater and gall sickness veld. Our grazing consists of semi-sweet to sour veld in winter with a protein lick. In summer the herd grazes on dry land pasture, namely Smuts and Blue Buffalo grass, with a phosphate lick.

Our goal is to enhance profitability and genetic progress in order for us to supply breeding material of a high quality to stud and commercial breeders.





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Stephen Mains-Sheard
082 323 4286


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