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In 1988 we purchased a farm in the Thornhill area in the Eastern Cape known as “Crossways”. We established a dairy enterprise milking registered Holsteins which became well known in the industry. In 2007 we sold “Crossways” to a property developer, which resulted in us selling our herd in 2012. In 2011, we purchased the farm “Tiptree” in the Elands River Valley, which is situated between Uitenhage and Patensie in the Eastern Cape.

Our intention was to start a beef and sheep enterprise. The aim with regards our beef herd, was that we continued what we had strived for in our dairy herd, that of enhancing profitability by improving genetics. We firmly believe that 10% of any stock farming enterprise relies on genetics with 90% relying on good and efficient management. As the farm consists of semi-sweet to sour mountainous veldt, we realised we needed a hardy, functional and preferably indigenous type animal. We decided on the Tuli as it ticked all the right boxes, namely excellent fertility, good carcass and confirmation, polled factor, good temperament, longevity and ability to thrive in our conditions.

In addition to the Tulis, we were running an Nguni herd on a hired property. We have been using Tuli bulls on the Ngunis with great success. Their progeny are predominantly polled, and have a much better meat to bone ratio.

We have experimented with Angus on the Tuli x Nguni Cross and are extremely happy with the results. In 2013, we decided to purchase some Black Angus Stud cows, in order to breed bulls to use on our Commercial Herd. Our goal is to eventually breed a Tuli x Angus commercial type animal.

Our sheep farming enterprise consists of Dohne Merinos. We started a stud in order to breed rams for our own use, and envisage having top quality rams to sell in the near future. We are passionate about our stock, and get great satisfaction out of seeing improvements in our progeny.


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